Who Are We?

Since 1992 Sri Lanka’s shortage of power from the national grid saw the birth of an organization aptly named Green Power Technology (Pvt) Limited with a humble beginning, way back in 1998. This new organization was committed to support the growing demand for power.

Since then Green Power Technology has played a major role in helping fill up the shortage of power by introducing a new standard in the sale and servicing of Power Generators. Today the company has a highly trained team of marketers and service personnel dedicated to maintaining the highest level of competitiveness and quality. Also periodically service personnel are sent for training programmes. Within a matter of a few years Green Power Technology was able to grab a large customer base from the market and mostly our customers are repeat buyers and obtained new customers through the recommendation of the existing customers. Customer relationship building was another form of practice enhanced by Green Power Technology. Today Green Power Technology is ranked easily within the top 10 generator companies in the island and enjoys a high profile in the industry evident by a steady growth of customers and market share in all sectors.

Our Mission

“We are a professional organization, providing an exceptional standard of customer satisfaction through our commitment to always maintaining the highest level of quality, integrity and dedication in the marketing and servicing of every product represented by us”

Our Vision

“An organization with a vision for tomorrow’s innovative Power Generation solutions”